Bifidobacteria are members of the human gut microbiota and have shown to exert beneficial effects on their host. Certain strains have a long history of safe and effective use as probiotics.

Bifidobacteria represent an important group of gut commensals which have been shown to exert health-promoting effects on their hosts, such as prevention of diarrhea, establishment of a healthy microbiota, modulation of immune systems, improvement of lactose intolerance, cholesterol reduction, and cancer prevention.

More recently, bifidobacteria have been found positively associated with antitumor immunity and cancer immunotherapy. Some strains of the probiotic species bifidobacteria have been shown to exert immune modulating and anti-inflammatory effects on human immune system. The known anti-inflammatory activity of certain bifidobacteria suggest that these bacteria could play an important role in abrogating the inflammatory response that seems so characteristic of this virus.

Following are the cultures available:


Product Benefits General Health benefits which include cholesterol reduction & Lactose intolerance with immunity enhancement.
Available Potency 5 billion CFU /g to up to 900 billion CFU/g
Description White/Off white to Brown/Light brown Powder with characteristic odor respect to potency concentration
Moisture content Less than 5%
Pack Size 5 Kg Pack (5X5) with 25 Kg Drum pack size
Storage Store in a Cool & Dry Place, away from Direct sunlight or heat. However, it is advisable to store the product, in its original packing, at temperature below 10°C and under low humidity conditions for longer shelf life and efficacy.
Handling It is advisable to open the package after bringing it to room temperature and under low Relative Humidity Conditions (less than 40%).
Shelf Life 18 months when stored in original packing and under defined storage conditions
Pathogens E. coli : Absent
Salmonella : Absent
Staphylococcus : Absent
Pseudomonas : Absent