Our R&D network and supports all markets worldwide with new product development and manufacturing excellence for Enzymes & Cultures. It is also a Centre of expertise for Indian origin products and offers assistance to Probiotics, Industrial Enzymes, Nutrition and Dairy products 

Our customers constantly inspire us. This is especially true when they discover a unique strain with tangible benefits to the world at large. We also know that each strain has distinct nuances that affect its growth on a commercial scale. From creating the ideal mix of media ingredients, to maximizing the strain density, to finding the right lyophilization parameters—perfecting each step of the production process is vital to creating a commercially viable product.

At FermLand Bio, our passionate team of microbiologists, researchers, and fermentation specialists will develop the ideal production process to optimize your strain’s viability and stability. When you succeed, we succeed, and we are committed to delivering to you a product that will stand out in the marketplace.

Our Current area of innovation includes:

With our focus on product improvement, we are constantly raising industry benchmarks in strain potency, stability, and purity. Through our Custom Strain Optimization program, we use our expertise to improve the potency, stability, and manufacturing efficiency of your proprietary strains. We are more than a manufacturer: our lifeblood is R&D.